Tuesday, August 19, 2008

NPR Baby!

Hey everyone!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend!
I'm a bit tired today after a great party last night sponsored by CreateHere... I met lots of interesting people and was very impressed by the music, food, and of course, drinks. Hence my state of mind, today.

On another note, my dad, who is much more technically savvy than I, uploaded my NPR (WUTC) interview that aired yesterday. I am thankful to Elizabeth Miller, the woman interviewing me, and also the editor of the session, for having deleted some of the awkwardness and squeakiness out of my voice. And she did a great job on getting rid of some of my nervous giggles and "um..."s. Thank heavens for editing!!!
Enjoy, and I'm open to puns of all sorts!!!


(when you click on the link, you should see my last name as the file name. Click on that, and it will send you to a screen with three tabs. click on the play tab to listen)

Friday, August 15, 2008

My studio

I am lucky to come in and paint every day for a living. I am also lucky to have such a wonderful space to work in. Today, I thought I would share photos.
But don't be mistaken... when I moved into this space, there were two layers of poop-green carpet, and under those, two layers of tile from the 1930's. Oh, and oil-based glue. But under all of this, was the beautiful, original terrazzo floors that adorn many parts of this building. Scrubbing glue off of "temple" floors never felt so good....

So here it is. I've put away many recent paintings to dry away from my clutziness.. What is on the wall is the work I did in Italy a number of years ago. Oh, and I left out the 32 empty coffee cups on the desk behind me.......
Have a great weekend, all.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Buddhas and Dewing

I found this image online. It is a painting by Thomas Dewing. It is a bit unusual for him, but I thought it was just so lovely, I had to share. One of my favorite things to do in the morning is come in to the studio with a hot cup of coffee, read for about 30 minutes, and look online to find new images by artists I enjoy. Sometimes I get a little carried away, and, three cups of coffee later, I'm jittery at the easel and questioning my skills......
But oh well. I love beautiful images.
And coffee, apparently. I don't think coffee companies realize quite how much money they make off of "starving" artists. We may not eat, but we damn well love caffeine......there are even moments in the winter time when I actually tuck myself into bed with the thought of the next mornings' cup.
Sick, really.
Then I ask myself why the color brown keeps popping up in my paintings.
Sorry for the silly post. A friend once told me the wisest of all the images of the Buddha was the Laughing Buddha. Hopefully you are full of wisdom this morning. Or at least pity on my lack of tact.....

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 4

I feel like sometimes my work is all over the place. Women outside on rooftops, dark, sinister portraits, kids with animals......
For some of you who may not know already (I have a tendency to get really excited about this), I received a grant from a wonderful arts organization here in town called CreateHere. My grant is to paint 9 portraits of local residents, and have them be displayed alongside each sitters' story in a year from now. My sister is writing the stories, and I am painting the portraits (THANKFULLY no one will have to endure my writing in a public exhibition....). Each sitter will also have the opportunity to name an organization that they would like to be featured where people can make donations to a cause they care about.
Since part of the point of this project is to have all 9 together at once, I can't really go around showing the portraits painted. However, I do think works in progress are of interest. Here is my second grant sitter, after 4 days of him posing in my studio. All the portraits are 24"x36', so this is just a head crop. I am learning a ton from him.... some of you Chattanoogans probably recognize him.
Ok, that's all I can say!!
Thanks again for reading, and have a great day!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Opening Credits

Hello, everyone!!!!!! I never thought I would even dare to post some of my daily goings-on, but as modern times would have it, here I am, another addition to the ever popular blog world.
"why on earth don't you just leave this stuff to the writers in my family", you ask....
simply put, I can't keep my mouth shut. And don't I know it.
Another more rational, but less important reason, is that my website is being redesigned amidst my losing all information on my last laptop, and so, it will be taking more than a little while to update. So for now, this is my way of reaching you all, dear bloggers, fellow artists, bored coffee-sippers, internet surfers alike. Enjoy.
Oh, and another reason .....I absolutely have to copy everything my little sister does... check out her blog : www.beautifulcrowd.blogspot.com

So what is my blogge du jour?
I just finished a painting of my good friend Erica on the roof of the building where I work. But don't be mistaken.... it may be signed, but all is work in progress.....