Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 4

I feel like sometimes my work is all over the place. Women outside on rooftops, dark, sinister portraits, kids with animals......
For some of you who may not know already (I have a tendency to get really excited about this), I received a grant from a wonderful arts organization here in town called CreateHere. My grant is to paint 9 portraits of local residents, and have them be displayed alongside each sitters' story in a year from now. My sister is writing the stories, and I am painting the portraits (THANKFULLY no one will have to endure my writing in a public exhibition....). Each sitter will also have the opportunity to name an organization that they would like to be featured where people can make donations to a cause they care about.
Since part of the point of this project is to have all 9 together at once, I can't really go around showing the portraits painted. However, I do think works in progress are of interest. Here is my second grant sitter, after 4 days of him posing in my studio. All the portraits are 24"x36', so this is just a head crop. I am learning a ton from him.... some of you Chattanoogans probably recognize him.
Ok, that's all I can say!!
Thanks again for reading, and have a great day!

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