Tuesday, August 19, 2008

NPR Baby!

Hey everyone!
I hope you all had a lovely weekend!
I'm a bit tired today after a great party last night sponsored by CreateHere... I met lots of interesting people and was very impressed by the music, food, and of course, drinks. Hence my state of mind, today.

On another note, my dad, who is much more technically savvy than I, uploaded my NPR (WUTC) interview that aired yesterday. I am thankful to Elizabeth Miller, the woman interviewing me, and also the editor of the session, for having deleted some of the awkwardness and squeakiness out of my voice. And she did a great job on getting rid of some of my nervous giggles and "um..."s. Thank heavens for editing!!!
Enjoy, and I'm open to puns of all sorts!!!


(when you click on the link, you should see my last name as the file name. Click on that, and it will send you to a screen with three tabs. click on the play tab to listen)

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