Monday, August 11, 2008

Opening Credits

Hello, everyone!!!!!! I never thought I would even dare to post some of my daily goings-on, but as modern times would have it, here I am, another addition to the ever popular blog world.
"why on earth don't you just leave this stuff to the writers in my family", you ask....
simply put, I can't keep my mouth shut. And don't I know it.
Another more rational, but less important reason, is that my website is being redesigned amidst my losing all information on my last laptop, and so, it will be taking more than a little while to update. So for now, this is my way of reaching you all, dear bloggers, fellow artists, bored coffee-sippers, internet surfers alike. Enjoy.
Oh, and another reason .....I absolutely have to copy everything my little sister does... check out her blog :

So what is my blogge du jour?
I just finished a painting of my good friend Erica on the roof of the building where I work. But don't be mistaken.... it may be signed, but all is work in progress.....

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