Thursday, September 4, 2008

Dragons Gone Wild

It's been way too long. Wow, for just a few blogs into this thing, I'm already letting you down. Seems I have commitment issues. Actually, dear reader, it's not that at all. I have simply been having a wonderful time. I have also been out of town every weekend. This past weekend was my birthday, and I was happily escorted down to Atlanta for DragonCon. Yup, that's right... the only weekend of the whole year when Atlanta gets bombarded with geeks, nerds, trekkies, renaissance dorks, costume-aholics and pimple-faced comic book teens. And yes, you have to let them speak. You have to listen and give them props. You have to go to the trekie rave and listen to dark German house music, while Storm Troopers are in the wee dark corners of the room. Yes, you must. And I did. And wow! I had such a great time!!! Perhaps the world of figurative art could use a little sci-fi imagination vitamins every once in a while. The costumes some of these people wore.... well, let's just say it's like Halloween on crack. But well worth the trip, if you ever get to go. And every DragonCon adventure MUST start at Trader Vics'- a tikki-hut style polynesian restaurant lounge that only serves drinks in bowls, and the menu cover is filled with impressively odd cartoon pornography. Go with a group...
ok. Enough about the long boozy weekend doing silly stuff. But seriously, it's good to take yourself lightly every once in a while.
Hopefully my next blog entry will be a little more serious.
But for now, may the force be with you....
and yes, these guys were there. And oh so many more and worse.

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