Thursday, September 11, 2008

The importance of the present

Hello, all.
Well, here is a photo of what I have just started in the past few days... I have been trying to paint more nudes for gallery work. This one has some crazy colors in it, which I am thrilled about. I just started it yesterday, but am excited about where it could go.

In other, sadder news, I was reminded today of how important it is to live each day in the present. A very close friend of mine is battling with the ups and downs of cancer. It was such a shock to hear from him. But it also made me think a lot about how many factors in our life we have no control over. Strangely, his news came on a day when the history of our country was taken out of our hands. Dear readers, I want to wish you a thoughtful and full rest of week. We are so lucky. I spend my life painting moments, and I hope to keep that in mind... just how important the moment you are living right now is.
much love to you all today.

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