Friday, November 21, 2008

The Pillow Book

On Tuesdays at the River House on Frazier Avenue, there is an open mic night for poetry reading. This past Tuesday, I went to listen to my friend Erica recite a piece of writing she had written about a year ago. The place was pretty empty, which is sad considering how much poetry is a good starter to, at the very least, unusual and interesting conversations.
This said, one of my conversations following was about the film, "The Pillow Book". If you have not seen this film yet, I strongly recommend it, although it is pretty twisted. It is definitely not a comfortable movie. But absolutely one of the most beautiful and sensual films I have ever seen. Not for the weak-stomached or shy, I will note.
One part of the story is about a little girl who has a book called The Pillow Book read to her at bedtime. It is an old book, her mother tells her, that was written 1,000 years before the little girls' time. The book is lists of things that make the author feel; like things she thinks are splendid, or horrible, or that make one's heart beat faster.
As a dedication to this wonderful movie, I urge all of you to think of a list of "top tens". Perhaps the top ten things that you think are beautiful. Or maybe the ten things you like the least. I found that thinking about the things I treasure most made me realize how simple pleasure can be. (they are not in any particular order..)

Top Ten Things That Are Splendid:

1. Sip of hot coffee and smelling autumn for the first time in the year.
2. Yellow Ginkgo leaves on a gray sidewalk.
3. The laugh lines next to a friends' eyes.
4. Bright green moss on a misty, gray day in a Japanese garden.
5. Watching the members of my family do what they love.
6. Listening to opera and driving through the mountains.
7. Walking into my studio early in the morning.
8. Roses that bloom in the snow.
9. Sipping cold ice water while taking a hot bath.
10. Being in love with someone far away.

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shopsmart said...

I'll try my hand at Top 5.

1. Listening to the trees sway in the wind during the summer. I seem to associate them with the "river" that is just out of sight.

2. Being on the lake around 3am with water that is like glass.

3. Similarly, being in the woods an hour before dawn. Not a sound is being can nearly hear your own heartbeat.

4. Any clear night sky where one can see the constellations. (winter is best but cold =\ )

5. Trying to get lost while hiking on land that you know like the back of your hand.