Thursday, January 8, 2009


This is a photo I took of my studio today. It was at the beginning of my painting session with Brother Ron, a wonderful Gregorian monk who works in the Community Kitchen here in Chattanooga.Brother Ron spends much of his days washing the feet of homeless people. I have chosen Brother Ron as my third sitter in my grant project "The Faces of Chattanooga". The picture is my painting after one day, so it doesn't quite look like him yet. As wonderful Luck would have it, a woman named Linda Duvoisin is interested in making a documentary on my project. A crew of 5-6 people have been here for two days, and we are all learning so much from Brother Ron and each other. Linda's husband Dave is in the picture, and Bobby Stone is also involved in the project.
I wanted to say a word about kindness today. I have to tell you all how humbled I am with the scale of this project. Today, in my studio, I had 6 people who were all working towards a greater good, and all of which were working for free. This blows my mind! And to top it all off, a young jewelry maker named Stacie Florer came in today, after my telling her about Brother Ron's amazing story , and decided to match what I am paying him to sit for me to go towards socks for the homeless. Because of a kind heart, and communication within the art community, the Community kitchen made an extra $200 towards socks today. Those are many, many feet warmed in this cold season. Thank you, Stacie! (check out her work at
I feel so incredibly lucky to be a part of this community right now.

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shopsmart said...

That is a great news. It also looks like you have done quite a bit of work for just one day's worth of painting. It looks like you have chosen a wonderful character for this piece. Tell me something...why do I hear Enigma all of a sudden?