Friday, January 2, 2009

Way too long

Oh my dear, dear readers, I hope you have had a wonderful Christmas, Hannukah, Kwanza, and New Years! Happy Chrismahanakwansukah!

My holidays included having my family here, eating too much, drinking way too much, buying a car (!), and having my first visit to the Electric Cowboy.

Now for those of you who do not regularly attend the Electric Cowboy, as small description is necessary. I would say crossing Dave and Busters with Red Lobster , add a little Clairmont Lounge, stir in a little line dancing freakishness, and throw in at the last minute some Coyote Ugly and you've got........(drumroll please) THE ELECTRIC COWBOY. Wow. Truly a great experiment when dealing with Southern culture. It is an enormous club in a strip mall (No, it is NOT a strip club, unfortunately..) filled with the following: Scary older men sipping beers alone, watching the dancefloor and being a little TOO quiet, redneck lesbians, pimply 21 year olds, booty grinders extordinaire, country homophobes, bumpkins, pompadors, Waffle House waitresses, more sorostitutes than any part of Buckhead, and frat boys who couldn't get a ride downtown.
So I took my dad there. HA! We actually had a great time, even if there were some VERY unusual moments. But these are the holidays, and holidays must be done right.

What else? Yours truly is on the front page of the local paper here in Chattanooga, The Chattanooga Times free Press. Check it out:

I got really lucky to have been the name forwarded by Helen at Createhere to the Free Press.

Enjoy! Happy New Year to you all!

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shopsmart said...

Nice hair. You didn't seem very excited during the interview though. hehe