Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Helpful links

Hi, everyone! 

Lately, i have been spending some time really thinking about ways to beat this lull in the economy and keep myself busy. I thought I would share some great websites and books which are proving fun and helpful (and, at the very least, entertaining) in this slump. 

 This website rocks!!!! For anyone looking for fabulous business cards with unusual sizes and good color, check out this London-based company. They are cost friendly, have a lot of quirkiness, and the website is one of the easiest I have seen to manage. Leave it to those Brits. 

Free websites. You can even purchase a website without the "weebly" attached to it, or go in and change your existing website to a weebly site. I have not done my own personal website with it yet, but I have an account for my Faces Of Chattanooga project. Truly for those people looking for an easy way to upload images for free and without the computer know-how.

Art Renewal center. A great website to look up classical artists from their "Museum' and get high-quality images. 

I'm a sucker for daily quotes, especially by Churchill and Rumi. This is a fun website (not terrible useful, per say, but fun nonetheless)

Please just visit the Onion when you are down. It is so, so funny. 

I was recommended the book " How to Survive and Prosper as an Artist" by my friends Hank and Lilani. This book gives good tips on marketing and how to set up everything from your mailing list to the size of invitations for galleries. Very helpful. One of the good things about a slow economy is being able to catch up on reading and studying. 

Also, a book I think every artist should read, "The Nude" by Kenneth Clark. Seriously. Any one can get into this writing. 

And for a little Eastern thinking, i am currently re-reading "Siddhartha" by Herman Hesse.  A short read that stays with you. 

Ok! Enjoy!!! That should keep some of us busy for a while. 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring sucks!

 Ha! yeah right! Here in Chattanooga, we get the luxury of having an early spring compared to all those Northeastern destinations still covered in snow. 
As a celebration of the first Bradford Pear trees and Cherry Blossoms, I'm off to paint at Suck Creek.... 
That's right, it's actually called SUCK CREEK. Whatever bright Tennesseean named this beautifully bubbling creek should have put their own name/ego aside and realized the dilemma that all of us painters would have in the future.... namely, that we can NEVER give credit to this beautiful spot for fear of snickers and whispers if we were to ever produce a painting worth a damn. 
Tricky, very tricky. 
Oh well, I'm off to the suck anyway, despite the naming dilemma. It's a beautiful day today, way too nice to be wasted inside a studio (I can't believe I am blogging of all days.... perhaps it is to include you, dear readers).  Off I go, coffee  in hand,  with Peetee (my car has acquired this name... I am thankful for this, since I constantly have much worse names come up in my head... it is a white PT Cruiser, so you can imagine I look like a ghostbuster or like I am driving a marshmallow) down the windy roads of the Tennessee mountains in search of....

Have a great day, Y'all (!). 

Thursday, March 12, 2009

grant website!

Hello, Everyone! I am just writing today to let you know I have started a new website for my grant project. I will be updating it often, and it has all the information about what I am currently doing in regards to my grant. 
Please visit often!