Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring sucks!

 Ha! yeah right! Here in Chattanooga, we get the luxury of having an early spring compared to all those Northeastern destinations still covered in snow. 
As a celebration of the first Bradford Pear trees and Cherry Blossoms, I'm off to paint at Suck Creek.... 
That's right, it's actually called SUCK CREEK. Whatever bright Tennesseean named this beautifully bubbling creek should have put their own name/ego aside and realized the dilemma that all of us painters would have in the future.... namely, that we can NEVER give credit to this beautiful spot for fear of snickers and whispers if we were to ever produce a painting worth a damn. 
Tricky, very tricky. 
Oh well, I'm off to the suck anyway, despite the naming dilemma. It's a beautiful day today, way too nice to be wasted inside a studio (I can't believe I am blogging of all days.... perhaps it is to include you, dear readers).  Off I go, coffee  in hand,  with Peetee (my car has acquired this name... I am thankful for this, since I constantly have much worse names come up in my head... it is a white PT Cruiser, so you can imagine I look like a ghostbuster or like I am driving a marshmallow) down the windy roads of the Tennessee mountains in search of....

Have a great day, Y'all (!). 

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shopsmart said...

Suck Creek gets its name from the pioneer days. Before dams were build on the Tenneseee River, it was quite wild. If you were floating down the Tennessee River you could expect to encounter one dangerous place after another -- rapids, tricky currents, unexpected shallow areas, places where boulders came so close to the surface that your boat would hit them. These areas went by names such as "The Suck," "The Pot," "The Skillet," and "The Pan." One riverman used to tell a story about how, once on a trip through The Suck, he passed a shack with a man playing a banjo out front, then another, then another, then another. It was only then that he realized that the current was spinning him around and that he was passing the same shack over and over again.

This above information was taken from

I'm sure you were just poking fun at the person that named the creek Suck but still.

I liked that comment about the ghostbusters. lol I wouldn't picture you driving a PT Cruiser. However, picturing you in the ghostbuster stationwagon is a bit easier.