Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Chanel No 5

Last night I went over to my best friend Erica's house. She works for Chanel, and we were talking about how yesterday was the day of the release of the No 5 short film. I hadn't heard about it, but apparently Chanel funded a short film as a prelude to the movie about Coco Chanel's life coming out in September. 
Maybe it is the romantic idealist in my heart, but I love this short little film. AND it stars my favorite actress Audrey Tatou. As far as cinematography is concerned it is simple and stunning. Fabulous idea..... just the seizing allure of a woman's scent. 
Plus, it's rainy today, and I'm trying to pretend like Chattanooga is Paris.....(!)
Here is the YouTube Link... the Chanel website is a little slow. Enjoy!

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