Friday, May 8, 2009

It's late.

It's 12:30 at night. I just got home. This might actually be my first booty-call blog. Haha! Too bad there is NO booty in sight!
I'm sitting at my kitchen table, a rather awkward table, actually, since it is WAY too big for my kitchen and too modern as well. I'm eating a wheat bagel with salami and cheese and cucumber ranch dressing (mayonaise gives me zits...), and thinking about what an interesting and unexpected day I have had.
It started off with me getting to my studio in a total torrential downpour of rain, coffee in hand, cup probably full of acid rain (yum). I check my email, and there is a torrent of messages about how my FaceBook account has spammed all of my friends. Again. Yuck. I close my laptop, look over at my studio, and realize I should probably clean up the 5 dirty coffee cups and paper towels on the floor before my 6 gregorian monks come to visit. (who the hell can say THAT!) I clean up a bit, look over at the rather odd painting I am working on, and start dabbling at some of the flaws I see for the first time. Three hours later, I am still "dabbling" . Oy...I'm hungry and my Lean Cuisine calls... (btw... I am totally against diet regimes, but, instead of spending $6 on food everyday, I realized not so long ago that Lean Cuisines are a pleasant, though embarrassing alternative in the day). Moo Shu beef...... hmmmm. I don't think it's beef, and I doubt that the term "moo shu" should be used here. Still, it fills me up, and I can keep working.
All of a sudden, as I think is true with many people, 3 o'clock rolls around, and I'm having the mid-day snoozies.
The monks show up. Wine and cheese is served to my friends who are oohing and ahhing at the painting I did of Brother Ron Fender. Did you know there are only 45 Gregorain monks IN THE WHOLE WORLD????? WOW!!!!! I was floored. Here I am in a room with 6 of them.... like 15% of the entire group!!!! I feel SO honored. We sip and laugh. Bart Lindsrom comes downstairs and Grace Kim, and the whole thing feels really natural. I look around and think, "Whoa, my group of friends is REALLY diverse!". I'm happy.
The monks leave, and Grace and Bart and I get into a long discussion about following your heart (this subject is a hot topic lately...). I'm so thankful to have friends who have more experience that I, and can wave from the other side and tell me about their travels.
I have a few glasses of wine. I'm not going to lie.
And now I'm at home. With my bagel. A bit lonely, but mostly thankful. What a great day, filled with diversity and challenges. What more can you ask for, right? Oh, well, maybe companionship.....
But hey, we are where we are, right? And there is a reason for it. So I'm just sitting back, waiting, enjoying, and working on what's in front of me. It's nice.

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