Monday, May 18, 2009


My posts are completely schizophrenic! One day it's raining and I'm moping about everything, the next day I'm high on life!! Today is a beautiful, cool, breezy, sunny day. It's one of those days you just want to plop yourself at an outdoor cafe with a sketchbook and pencil  and draw the locals for hours. Seriously, it reminds me of many days in Boston and Florence when I would draw for entire afternoons and drink too many decadent espressos. By the end of the day, I was sunburned, jittery, and totally happy.
Some weird news recently.... the documentary filmmaker Linda who wants to make a film on my project," The Faces of Chattanooga" has just found out she was only partially funded from a grant we were counting on. Which is totally fine. She turned it down (it was not a substantial amount of money to make the film she wants), and now we are peddling the trailer to try to find funding to continue with the project. I really believe in her work... she doesn't skimp out on quality. The shots she cut for the trailer are rich and breathtaking.... (I guess shooting on a Red camera helps that too....). I'm going to be taking copies of the trailer with me when I travel this month.... I hope to find someone who sees the quality and intent of this film, and would like to back it up. I'm open to any suggestions...... I really want to see this happen. 
What else? 
The Chattanooga Aquarium is hosting a fabulous idea for an art show.... glass and jellyfish! I'm going to go see it this week.... I absolutely LOVE jellyfish. I have always wanted to own one in a large glass container in my home.... I find the way they swim so incredibly beautiful. The image on my blog is of moon jellies, one of the many jellyfish that are being exhibited at the aquarium. The show at the aquarium is in conjunction with the Hunter Museum. The museum is showcasing glass artists like Dale Chihuly ,  and local glass maker Thomas Spake ,who make total sense with aquatic sea forms.  EEEEE! I'm SO excited to go to this!!!

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