Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pterodactyls, coffee and zen.

Wake up!!!!!! It's a beautiful day out today!!!!! This is one of those incredible days in Chattanooga when the temperature is just right, everyone is outside and smiling, and everything has a little humor spinkled into it. I caught myself laughing this morning at the birds that my sister Veronique has coined as the "damned pterodactyls" that keep flying into our apartment. They freak her out so much she screams and runs around the apartment as if these sweet little grey and white birds really are the flying reptiles from the Jurassic Era. Watching them outside of this context of terrorizing my sis, they just tweet tweet and eat little bread crumbs outside the local coffee shop I go to every morning, Coffee Crafters. I LOVE this place! If you live in Chattanooga, this is the best, most low-key cafe in town. It sits on Vine Street and Houston, literally next door to my abode. The owners Kent and Steve (I think Steve is part owner...) are hilarious. They never cease to make me giggle.... something truly brave given they are the only ones that see me before my coffee. Amy is my favorite. She is sort of like the coffee nazi.... mixed with the Flanders kids, and just a dash of George Carlin.  Yup, that's Amy. She will have me doubled over with laughter just at how she looks at some of the customers. And the food at Coffee Crafters...... best lunch or breakfast! My personal favorite is the "Veg Out", a bagel with cream cheese, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, onions, banana peppers, and a drizzle of honey mustard. This is the ultimate cure for any bad previous night. 
And now I've walked to my studio, delicious hot brew in hand. A Feist song is going through my head, and the world is cheery (watch this video... her toast turn into pterodactyls!!! I didn't even know that!!).

 I'm excited to paint. I wish every day could be like today, but I know it took being in bed hurling my brains out for a day and a half  to fully appreciate what's in front of me now. Sometimes pain is a way to show you what's so beautiful. Life is short. 

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shopsmart said...

I wasn't going to comment on this post but then I saw the Feist reference. That song by her is one of my favorites. I had surprised at the video. The video I remember for that song was a cartoon. I tried finding it but I couldn't. Am I going crazy? lol I could have sworn I saw it a few years ago on tv. Maybe it was another Feist song. hmmm Anyway....thanks for painting a pretty picture with your words. I can totally visualize your post.