Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Something a little more helpful....

So, I'm actually going to write something USEFUL..... wow!

I found recently that a good, archival-safe, and MUCH cheaper alternative to using linen for oil sketches is paper. I like to stain the paper first (I use coffee and tea, but you can use any watercolor), then apply 3 coats of rabbit skin glue. I tape the edges completely so that no curling happens. I primed a whole pad this way, and have been using the sheets whenever I do a quick head study (like the one above of my friend Nacha) and the texture is really nice, as opposed to slippery boards. 
I thought of this when I was looking at Kate Lehman' website where she does sketches of her fellow painter peers on paper. She seems to prime hers with the standard Water Street Atelier gray ground.  She is such a badass female painter... please check her out!!!

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