Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spring Air

HELLO, Fellow readers!  Oh, my dearies, one might think I didn't care about you all.... but I have faith you know better. I'm so, so sorry for my infrequency and sometimes random posts. Between taxes, traveling, and personal hoo-ha, I've had NO time to write.  
I hope you are all doing great! I, personally feel like an altogether new person. Some of it bad, some quite good. 
I was out of town for the past week for a wonderful conference on painting, specifically portrait painting.  I MUST tell you that there really is nothing like being around your peers and talking shop-talk. A lot was made very clear while I was away. 
One of the main things I came face to face with while I was away is just how clear our heart can speak. There have been a lot of issues about my painting I have been going through over the winter.  Insecurities, loss of want, troubling economic hard times to say the least. And to paint alone in a dark studio does not always lend itself to, ahem, clarity. 
BUT SPRING IS HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  A time when the earth allows what was blooming underground all along to finally break through the earth and burst into a million blossoms! Ok, I'm being cheesy, I know. But seriously, spring affords new visions and a sense of renewed listening to what you heart REALLY craves.  And I found out a lot. I am SO excited to paint anew! The sky is the limit, as far as I am concerned. Main lesson in all of this...... Whatever you believe spiritually, I think that Big force wants us to be happy, and to feel. Really feel. It's pretty simple.
Ok, I sound like a fool. Knowing me, my next post will be about how rain is just, oh, so appropriate for the tortured artist soul. 
But today is today. And today the world seems big and engaging and exciting and full of wonder. 
EAT IT UP!!!!!!!!!!

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