Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Summer of Sketches

To keep up with my little sis Veronique, who is the food writer and person spearheading "Summer of Taco" on the local blog Chattarati (this blog is hilarious, folks.... a group of locals with super-dry senses of humor are going on the ultimate quest for the perfect taco in Chattanooga. Beware of the wit that is on the video!), I've decided to create my own....... Summer Of Something.

Actually, I'm going to add to all my other projects, since, you know, I really don't have enough already.
After looking at my "Faces of Chattanooga" project a bit more in-depth, I have found it somewhat debilitating to only paint 9 people from the community. I was surfing artist websites the other day, and went to Rose Frantzen, a wonderfully talented artist. She has a section on her website of portraits of people in her hometown. What a great idea..... she set herself up in a store front and just painted anyone who wanted to sit for her. So, I'm going to take her great idea, and try it for myself. This summer, I'm getting together with a few local shop owners and cafes, and am going to set up a painting area for people to come and have a quick oil sketch (on that watercolor paper...oh yeah) done of them.  I'm re-adjusting my project (yet again) , so that these sketches will be included in the final project of "The Faces of Chattanooga".  I have been so stressed out that I'm going to "miss" someone in the community....
Plus, it's free models. For any painter, this is a HUGE luxury. And it will keep me on my toes with painting from life. I'm going to post a schedule this week of the where and whens. I also want this to help the business owners who are hosting me.... I'm not setting up shop in any chains or non-local companies. I know Coffee Crafters will be one of the venues, and I'm hoping Market Street Tavern and Grey Friars will want to get involved. So if you live in Chattanooga, please come by this summer and have your portrait sketch painted. I would like to keep the portraits until the exhibit, after which they will be given to the sitters or family members. 

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shopsmart said...

That sounds like a really great idea! I am sure it will be a win-win for all parties involved. (I know if I was sketched it wouldn't take too long. Just paint Charlie Brown...draw the squiggily line for the shirt and you're done. haha)