Monday, May 11, 2009

Top 5

Phew! I am SO glad to have finally come through the mussel melancholy.... it was truly awful! I spent a good portion of today in bed, trying to lower my fever. I'm pretty much totally fine now. 
 I also watched High Fidelity, an absolute classic of a movie. In the film, John Cusack spends a lot of time making "top 5" lists of everything from all-time love songs to top five breakups in his young life. It's pretty hilarious, and he is such a fabulous actor. 
I couldn't help but to start to make Top 5 lists of some of the events in my life.... top 5 most embarrassing moments (not of a nature I could write in a blog...), top 5 lowest moments, top 5 most romantic moments, top 5 goals to be reached, top 5 most romantic songs, top 5 places in the world I want to see. My energy level is still pretty low, so I'm not going to go through all of them, nor bore you, dear readers.  I also have a Top 10 painting list I keep on  my laptop that changes pretty regularly. I highly recommend having one.... it really helps in keeping up inspiration, and makes you think about what you are drawn to. 
Ok, kind of a boring post...sorry! Thanks to all of my friends who sent me sweet messages to feel better! 

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