Monday, June 1, 2009

Edward Hopper

This past weekend my dad came to visit up from Miami. We had a great time, and visited many artist studios in town (thank you Hank, Lilani, and Isaac!). Last night we came to my studio, and I showed him some of my newer gallery work. There is a painting I am working on that he mentioned had a sort of Edward Hopper feel to it. Obviously the paint handling is quite different, but this was SUCH a compliment. I had sort of forgotten about Hopper.... what a crime! I think he is one of the most brilliant American painters (with Rockwell, obviously) to capture the time and feel of our country. Most of his paintings have a seriousness to them, as if you can really get the sense of wartime, the depression, and yet the backbone of strength that pulled the United States through those times. 

 Plus, he composes like a motherf#$*er.  HA!

 Seriously, his compositions are so off the wall.  It's too bad a lot of painters today disregard him because of his somewhat heavy-handed paint handling. 
Anyway, it was such a huge compliment, and made me excited that the tone I was going for came through. I'm not posting a picture yet, since it's not finished. It's really fun working with scenes and mood..... things that portrait painting can seem a bit more limited to expressing. 

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shopsmart said...

I always loved that painting. I even had it as a wallpaper on my computer for a while. As a side note, have you ever seen this variation on that painting?

It shows a man wearing the British flag as he threw chairs at the window. I think it was done by Banksy. Even if it wasn't, you should definitely check out Banksy's works. He is a notorious graffiti artist. His art is quite clever. Check out his images on google or his website at

I don't know if anyone really knows who he is but apparently he gets around.