Monday, June 1, 2009

painter injuries?

Ok, so I know painting is not exactly a high-risk job. I mean, most painters have the physic of..... well... librarians. We have one, really, really strong, exacting arm. hmm. But otherwise, it is by no means a high-intensity sport, er, job.
But I've got this horrible pain tonight. My neck hurts, and the muscle running next to my spine on the left hand side feels inflamed. I think I have been gripping my Viva towels way too tight....
Does anybody have a good remedy? I've been self-diagnosing with a little Corona, but I hardly doubt t is as effective as other strategies. I think sipping Coronas and watching clips of "The Notebook" is getting old (I am SUCH a girl...)
Any ideas? What would Sargent have done (hey... brilliant idea... I could make bracelets with WWSD? ... a big hit, no doubt, with the Portrait Society of America... hmm....) Someone once told me Sargent had a "damn" rubber stamp that he would let out whenever he was frustrated... talk about passive agressive! My mom is getting astamp that says WTF......
nice, mom.

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