Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Scott Burdick and Susan Lyon

Susan Lyon's "Girls from Mt. Kilimanjaro"
Scott Burdick's "Full Procession"

If you are not already familiar with the painters Susan Lyon and her husband Scott Burdick, PLEASE go to their website! They absolutely rock! I met Scott at the Portrait Society of America's annual conference this past year, and he is one of the kindest, most down-to-earth painters. Both of them are incredibly talented and hard working. They are, in some ways, my idols for some of what I would like to accomplish in my life. They spend much of the year traveling, then come back to their North Carolina home to finish the paintings and sell their art. 
I love the fact that not only do they both have complete admiration for each other's work (it's VERY obvious), but they each have a unique sense of painting similar scenes quite differently. I like the humanitarian aspect you feel from their work, not to mention their brilliant compositions and paint handling. 

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adamanteve said...

I looked at some of the video demonstrations of Scott and Susan tonight and there is so much great fundamental information about how to begin loosely and the importance of keeping measurement and placement correct but nothing about paint handling. I always have to control the viscosity and the time it will take for an area to "take" the next application of paint in the way I want to integrate the surface. I would like to know something about how Scott piles on the opaque paint and does he add something to the paint to increase the opacity. Scott expressed interest in Bo Bartlett's underpainting and after seeing a big show of his in Greenville, SC i also wondered about what his underpainting process was. Also his way of just scumbling on light color and understated definition the surface is very much like some Italian masters. Does anyone know answers to these questions from their workshops or whatever?