Friday, July 3, 2009


So, It's 7:45 a.m. Now, for most people, this is a healthy, normal time to be up. I, however, have been up since 4:45a.m.   The guys at Starbucks laughed when I was the first one in line this morning. I decided, after not much sleep, to come into my studio early and just go ahead and catch up on old paperwork. 
Now, why on earth can't I sleep? I started kind of giggling at the fact that today, July 3rd, is very obviously the day before Independence Day. 
Am I nervous about my freedom? Does the weight of choice hang heavy on my heart? Am I perhaps, fearful of this right??
In a world where women are still being stoned to death, thieves are beheaded, and doctors are made to work abroad in chicken factories, I can deal with this weight of Freedom. Choice is a bitch, but look at the alternative. 
So today, I have a little of the Star Spangled Banner running in my heart. I've been worried so much over my finances lately, my work, my play, blah blah. But I'm alive and free. And my choice to be a painter and suffer the consequences is my own. We get to choose!
I may be over-simplifying (another trait of this dear country). 
Or I may just be delirious with lack of sleep and excitement. Does it matter??
Have a wonderful 4th, y'all!!!

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