Thursday, July 2, 2009

Moving forward and looking back.

Oh, dear, dear readers! Please do not be discouraged by my total lack of  writing for the past two weeks!!! I've been SO busy, with moving my apartment, re-doing my studio, and trying to be a painter all the while.  I'm so sorry, cher amies! 

This morning, to my wonderful surprise, I got an email. A good friend of mine that I studied with in Italy is getting married to another close friend! Her and I were inseparable while we lived in Italy, and I can say with full confidence that she made the experience all the more glorious! 

Change is in the air. I just finished moving houses, and my art work seems to be changing significantly right now.  And now a good friend is changing a huge part of her life.... her and her soon-to-be husband are moving back for London where she is from.  Talk about change! 
But it is important to remember where you once were, and realize how much progress and growth (hopefully) have gone on. The photos below are both a dedication to my friend (she practically lived in my house for a year, curled up sipping tea and giggling with me by the fire) and also a reminder that many great things have happened since.  These were taken in 2005, the last year of me living in Florence, Italy. I actually lived on the mountain of Fiesole for the last two years I was studying, and the shots below are from that home. Please enjoy... these are somewhat personal photos from a time and place in my life I loved dearly. But I'm also glad to have moved on.  
Have a great day of change!!

View from our front door and patio, looking onto Florence.
Side view of my house taken from in the bottom orchard. Yup... we had an orchard. 
Photo of me sitting in one of the many lovely windows of our house. 
Front gate. I loved the sound when it opened... it was a medieval sound in a modern world. 
Our front door. 
My fav beach in Italy- Castiglioncello. Many a weekend spent here with my friend Emilie eating tuna sandwiches and trying to not be as prudish as our creamy white skin may have led on... 

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shopsmart said...

Thank you for sharing these awesome pictures. They truly are picturesque and seem to be straight out of a travel brochure. What I love is how European architecture seems to age so much better than American. Even as a building degrades over time, it does not look rundown rather it gives it a broke-in feeling. The plants seem to have grown to be a part of the buildings which only adds to the warm feeling. I too like the bicycle in front of the gate picture except for what appears to be an electrical conduit connected to the gate. I guess some things simply need to be upgraded to meet today's security standards. My question to you is, how on earth did you leave such a beautiful view?