Wednesday, August 19, 2009

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Speaking of multi-figure compositions, is there anyone alive today who can compose like Degas? Not to seep myself in history, but seriously, Degas is a badass composer. So modern and surprising. It's a good challenge for up -and -coming painters out there.

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shopsmart said...

Very nice examples.

I was reading the news during the lunch and saw this article and thought I would share it with you. I know many paiters simply paint over previous works but I always find it interesting every time I see an article where a painting was scanned to reveal a previous painting. Here is yet another example from the American artist N.C. Wyeth's painting "The Mildest Mannered Man.",2933,540780,00.html

This story makes me wonder just how many times you have painted over previous works. Do you have any examples?