Saturday, August 22, 2009

Reactions? Reactions.

I don't know about some of you all out there, but between the rough economy, getting older, and having my heart pulled in different directions at different times of my life, I have to ask: "Is there a way to sift through this chaos in any way and not let it all affect me SO much??"

Obviously, there are always a TON of things out of our control. After all, we shouldn't even pretend to be playing God. That would just be silly.

BUT.... Is there a freakin way to get through this stuff in one piece? Seriously... sometimes I think everyone and everything around me have more say than I do on how I feel. It's exhausting to say the least.

A lot of my posts are about sitting in the moment, being with it, listening to it, and letting go. AH! The letting go part is what I, personally, have a really f#*king hard time with.  There is a lot of power in letting go. And yet, all of our surroundings say the opposite. We are NOT a culture of stepping back, preserving, then letting go... we are one of tearing it down, fixing it all, eating it all, hoarding what's left, giving it all away, stealing it all back. 

To make it simple, WE REACT.

Reaction. I've been thinking of this word on and off all summer. I'm pretty confused about it. Sometimes it's good to react... it's a beautiful thing! We react to art, love, pain, illness, death. It is natural. But then, there is a flip side to this reaction.  Sometimes we react SO quickly, we forget to sit with the feeling. We fill the space (I think I wrote about this already).  We react and react and react some more. Bloody hell it's SO damn tiring! 
So, what gives??? Do those Zen masters detach? Or is it like a wind that flows over them and passes. 

I've passed plenty of wind in my life, but not of that sort....

HA! Ok, sorry! 

I'm obviously in a weird mood, and nowhere near the thoughtfulness that needs to be present in dealing with this question. 
Personally, I like the laughing buddha most of all. What if that's the reaction you get, when it's all said and done, and the feeling has come in, been with  you, and moved on? What if you laugh your bloody eyes out??? What if you all of a sudden see what fools we all are, and you just....

 laugh till you piss yourself.

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Jim said...

There was once a young monk who ran across his master on a meditative walk one day. as he approached trying to be respectful and quiet, he saw the master spit on a statue of the Buddha. Seeing the student's alarm, the Master said, "it is only a statue," and walked on.

A week later, they met a gain on the same trail. This time, the Master was bowing down in front of the same statue. Seeing the monk's confused look, the Master said, "Some see a statue, others see the Buddha." The monk walked on.

A week later, the monk discovered his master early in the morning along the trail huddled by a fire like a traveller. As he approached, the master reached behind him, picked up a small wooden statue of the Buddha in one hand, took a hatchet in the other hand, split the statue in two and placed the pieces on the fire. Once again, seeing the monk's distress, the master spoke. "Look at the ground and tell me what you see." When the monk responded that he saw pebbles and dirt, the master directed him to look closer. The monk bent over to get a better look. Each time the monk looked closer, he was instructed to "looker closer still" until he was on his knees with his nose in the dirt. "From here, I can see nothing," he said.

The master walked behind the monk, laughed, kicked him in the ass, and walked on.

The young monk got up, brushed off the dirt and sat down by the fire. Eventually, he too found himself laughing.